Frequently Asked Questions

Before Your Journey

a) Using the service while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol
b) Passengers or renting on behalf of someone else
c) Riding an ebike on footpaths, pavements or off-road

a) Rentals available from 6am to 8pm everyday
b) Can be used within the service area on the map (green area)
c) Persons over the age of 17 are eligible
d) Persons (including carriage) weighting up to 100kg
e) Persons with a height of between 5" and 6"4

a) Download the eBee App from the App store or Google Play
b) Create an account
c) Visa, Master Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted

How to Ride

a) Register with eBee via the App by downloading from the App store or Google Play
b) Open App to see available ebikes, scan QR code or enter Bike ID displayed on the rear of the ebike

c) You must wear a helmet and Hi-Vis (dusk to dawn) which is provided in the front basket. The code for the basket lock is provided in the pre-ride and ride screen
d) Once ebike is selected, check for any damage and if no damage present then click 'Ride'
e) The security chain will become unlocked
f) Wrap security chain around seat post and clip underneath the saddle
g) The wheel lock will unlock automatically
h) We recommend you review the Irish Road Safety Guidelines @
I) Mount ebike safely and go explore
If you encounter a problem please email us at

a) You can ride the e-bikes inside the service area, indicated by the colour green on the map in the app
b) These are areas where the use of e-bikes are not allowed. This all areas outside the service area.

c) If you travel outside the service area, the locking mechanism will begin to beep every 8 seconds until you return to the service area

a) You can pause your ride by selecting the Pause button in the App. This ensures nobody can rent the ebike while you leave the ebike temporarily.
b) The ebike should be securely locked when you are leaving it unattended as losing it will incur a penalty.
c) You can resume your ride by selecting the Pause button again in the App, and following the unlocking process as done when beginning the trip
If you encounter a problem please email us at

You can reserve an ebike 5 to 45 minutes pre-ride for €2

Ending the Journey

a) Open App and check map for location of your nearest station with available space
b) Once you have arrived at station, extend the ebike stand located under the pedal
c) Secure chain around any part of the station and insert pin into the top side of the horse shoe lock (white area)
d) Push button down to engage wheel immobiliser
e) Click "End Ride" in the App
f) Upload a photo of your parked e-bike to the app
g) Off you trot
If you encounter a problem please email us at

Unlocking and Locking (security chain and wheel immobiliser)

a) Once user has selected "start ride" or "unpause" the wheel immobilizer and security chain will automatically unlock
b) The wheel immobilizer will unlock with a 'clank' sound followed shortly by a beep
c) If this does not happen, try rocking the ebike very slightly
d) Now unwrap the security chain and wrap around the seat post leaving a small bit of slack
e) Clip the end of the security chain to the underneath of the saddle, this is to prevent the chain catching the wheel and causing an accident
If you encounter a problem please email us at

a) Once user has selected "end ride" or "pause", place ebike next to stand
b) Extend the bike stand (located on the rear left side) to keep ebike upright
c) Secure chain around any part of the station and insert pin into the wheel immobile (white area)
d) Rotate wheel immobilizer lever and Push down to engage
e) Slightly move the ebike if the wheel immobilizer cannot engage fully (as it's being obstructed by the wheel's spoke)
If you encounter a problem please email us at


Payment is only accepted via the App. In the App, you can add a payment method to your account.  To do this, click on the payment method and choose from Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

a) Pricing is €0.75 per 5 minutes, look in ‘Promo’ in the App to avail of 24hr Free Pass for €39

b) User is charged at beginning of each 5 mins segment i.e. the user is charged at the 1st minute, 6th  minute, 11th minute ….etc.

c) Pause Ride rate is €0.10 per minute

You can access the receipts from your rides directly in the app and also an email is sent with a receipt immediately after your ride ends.

a) Please contact Support through the app and we will refund you
b) If you are having issues processing your refund please contact
c) Please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to appear in your bank account

Reporting an Incident, Interest and Feedback

a) You witnessed an accident involving an eBee ebike

b) You are involved in an accident using an eBee ebike

c) You damage or witness an eBee ebike being damaged

a) You have a problem with the App or Website

b) You have a problem with a station

c) You have a problem with an eBee ebike

a) You are interested in a career with eBee

b) You would like to partner with eBee

c) You have feedback relating to eBee’s service