About Us

We are an ebike share scheme & rental organisation based in Cork City

We are an independent, self funded, self styled, self obsessed start-up that wants to put itself and Cork back where it should be, the center of the Universe. Watch the space. But more formally, we operate across the City and provide a mode of transport both to tourists and the residence of Cork. The ebikes were designed and assembled in Ireland with industry leading components resulting in a efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly ebicycle. Safety is our top priority so please only ride the ebikes while wearing a helmet and adhering to the rules of the road. 

The ebikes are for all types of people, day dreamers, pint seekers (please don’t drink and drive), lazy feckers, sightseers, fitness freaks and last but not least eco warriors.

1. Unlock ebike

Download App, Register, Add Payment, Select ebike, Hang security chain safely.

2. Take a trip

Ride to the destination or round trip. Check station availability before journey to avoid disappointment .

3. Lock ebike

Lock bike safely at station (Chain and Rear wheel immobilizer), End trip on App.

Customer Review

Travelling around Cork City on the ebee Ebikes was the highlight of our holiday, the scenery was breathtaking and cycling was literally effortless and emissions free. A must do.


Many more stations located in the city centre and surrounding area - just check the App

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